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Reversible Signs and Symptoms, Post-Hemodialysis.


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College of Nursing - University of Bohol

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Journal Article, Original
University of Bohol Multidisciplinary Research Journal
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December 2013


This study tried to determine what signs and symptoms were reversed among the End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients post hemodialysis. The design used was a descriptive study. Sixty-four (64) ESRD patients who had undergone hemodialysis were the respondents. Purposive sampling was used. It utilized an interview method guided by a self-made questionnaire. The data were statistically tested using T-test of correlated means. Findings of the study revealed that the signs and symptoms that were reversed according to rank and rated by the respondents as strongly disagreed were the following; 1.) extreme fatigue, 2.) sleep disturbances, 3.) chest pain, 4.) anorexia, 5.) full bounding pulse,6.) abdominal bloating,7.) headache. Signs and Symptoms which were not reversed according to rank were the following; 1.) amenorrhea, 2.) pale, bronze, gray, yellow skin, 3.) restless leg syndrome,4.) decreased urinary frequency, 5.) Impotence, 6.) decreased libido,7.) Cough, 8.) Shortness of breath. Findings of the study made the respondents and the significant others highly motivated to continue with hemodialysis in spite the exorbitant cost incurred due to the realization of the reversible signs and symptoms the patients experienced post hemodialysis.


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