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Level of Stress and Coping Mechanisms of Teacher Education Interns of the University of Bohol.


Imelda C. Bolanio,
Josephine O. Baay,
Vivian M. Barbarona,
Rosmarie R. Barinan,
Caitlyn May D. Lagrada,
Kisha Mae L. Rances

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Journal Article, Original
Academe University of Bohol Graduate School and Professional Studies Journal
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Stress is a state of mental tension and worry that causes strong feelings. To overcome stress, there is a need to employ some strategies to mitigate threatening and stressful situations. These strategies are known as coping mechanisms. The study aimed to determine the level of stress and the coping mechanisms used by the University of Bohol (UB) - Teachers College student interns. The study utilized the quantitative method to gather data through adapted survey tool. The data gathered were subjected to statistical treatment making use of simple percentage, weighted mean, composite weighted mean, and Pearson-Product Moment Correlation. The respondents were the Teachers College student interns of UB during the second semester of the academic year 2017-2018. The study revealed that the respondents' level of personal-related stress was found to be "Slightly High" with the mean rating of 1.818. The study further revealed that the respondents' level of school-related stress is was discovered to be "Slightly High" with the mean rating of 1.9286. The level of the coping mechanism which the respondents used is described as "Moderately use" with the mean rating of 2.7054. The study suggests that females are more prone to stress compared to their male counterparts. Based on the results, intervention measures have been proposed to combat the stress experienced.

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